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The Copper Germ Stopper


What is the Copper Germ Stopper?

     The Copper Germ Stopper is 99.9% pure copper that can be rolled into your hands and or onto your face to kill bacteria. Ancient Egyptians used copper to sterilize chest wounds and clean drinking water. Greeks, Romans and Aztecs relied on copper compounds to treat burns, headaches and ear infections. Thousands of years later, the ancient therapeutic is being embraced by some hospitals because of its ability to kill bacteria and other microbes on contact, which can help reduce deadly infections.

    It has been used on faucet handles, sinks, cabinet doors, toilet levers and so much more. This device easily fits into your pocket and can be utilized whenever you are on the go.  

When to use it?

  • The "Copper Germ Stopper" is pure copper so it can kill the viruses you pick up on your hands. It's better to use it throughout the day and as often as possible. Note; its still important to wash your hands. :) This is not a substitute; just another means to help you stay clean and healthy throughout the day.
  • By rubbing it on your hands etc. it leaves a small trace of copper on your skin that may protect you for the next 20-30 minutes, so handle it briefly every half hour when out in public. It's best to handle just before entering your workplace and your home, to reduce the risk of spreading viruses.
  • Great for taking on trips and easily packable.
  • Can be used in the nose if necessary. Use for 60 seconds in each nostril and "gently" rotate.
  • Can be used for cold-sores or any time you feel the tingling sensation.
  • Can be used for common colds, the flu, viruses, etc. potentially COVID-19. (You should still wash your hands and use antibacterial soap whenever you can)

Why use the "Copper Germ Stopper"?

  • Copper on contact kills germs. (Researchers say that microbial cells are short-circuited by the high conductance of copper.  Which in turn, destroys the microbial germs.
  • Great for travel and easy to take with you.
  • Has a good weight to it.
  • It could be the next fidget hand item that cleans your hands of germs while you hold it in your hand.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Copper kills viruses, bacteria and fungi on contact.
  • Researchers, labs and universities worldwide all agree that copper kills microbes naturally just by touch. 


  • 99% pure copper
  • 5/8 diameter
  • 1 3/4" long
  • Weight: 2 oz
  • (Note:  Each unit is individually machined and may slightly vary in weight/size)


  • Nothing is 100%, but these steps may greatly reduce your risk of catching  a cold, the flu or spreading Coronavirus.
  • Does not cure allergies.
  • Any and all copper will discolor over time. It does not lose its properties. Simply, clean it with some Scotch-brite pads for the shine.
  • Clean often with soap and hot water. (be careful using hot water)

**Small Felt bag included**