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Pathfinder "Valeros" - Iconic Fighter

     We are excited to share this new adventure with you in collaboration with Paizo inc and bring to you the first 2 oz .999 silver coin series for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.  Our goal is to bridge the gap between gaming collectors and silver collectors by creating beautiful unique 2 oz .999 silver rounds. My personal goal is to add value to your collection as well as your gaming experience. The beautiful thing about this product is that it will hold value for generations to come and is also iconic within the Pathfinder Roleplaying game. For this specific project we will be creating the first of six iconic characters in the Pathfinder Roleplaying game. The first on our list is Valeros - Iconic Fighter.

Valeros, Iconic Fighter

      Valeros was born on a quiet farm, and grew up dreaming of adventure and exploration. Though this longing only increased as he grew older, so did the responsibilities of agricultural life. Finally, just a month before a marriage of convenience to a local farmer's daughter could lock him into place, Valeros came to the realization that the door to a life of adventure was closing for good. Seized by a desperate need for a larger life than cattle and corn, Valeros packed quietly and left in the middle of the night.

In the years since, Valeros has come a long way from the wide-eyed young man who sought only the joy of exploration (and maybe a pretty girl or three). Life on the road is much harder than the bards' tales suggest, and adult Valeros has the scars to prove it. Discovering himself to be a deft hand with a sword, Valeros quickly fell in with the mercenary crowd, learning the dirtier, grittier facts of warfare. After acting as hired muscle for dozens of different employers, Valeros finally realized that it was time to go into business for himself as an adventurer.

While admittedly not the best at following orders, Valeros is an extremely talented two-blade fighter, easily earning his keep in any group through the tenacity and absolute fearlessness—some might say thoughtlessness—with which he flings himself into combat.

Despite his reputation as a bruiser and scofflaw, Valeros has picked up a fair bit of education during his travels, and can even read (something his "respectable" parents never learned to do). Valeros takes an easy-come, easy-go approach to life, wealth, and relationships. Though a fan of fine weapons and creature comforts, the only object he's never without is the tankard on his belt (as you never know when someone might offer you a drink). Noble at heart and fiercely loyal to those few who earn his affection, Valeros nevertheless hides such sentiments under a jaded and crass demeanor, frequently observing that there's nothing better than "an evening of hard drinking and soft company."


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