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#3 The Shield - The Destiny Series

The Destiny Coin Series is proud to release "The Shield"
The Knight holds his shield firm and steady as he reads "Audentes Fortuna Iuvat" - Fortunes favors the bold.
He reminds himself to be brave, valiant and ready. He has long trained, endured and prepared for this moment. "The Shield" is his life, not only does it represent his ability to protect himself from constant bombardment but it grants him decisive opportunities to strike. It's not luck that keeps him alive; it’s by making the right choices at the right time.
Through his actions he chooses to triumph as he is tried again, and again. He knows that within himself he will never truly be defeated. Persistence with Courage can exceed any bounds. Be bold, be fearless. Become fortunate and take upon yourself the favors of fortune.
- Destiny is not a matter of Chance, it is a matter of Choice.

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